#EmpowerUp update | In December, SDPC announced our partnership with Tri-County Technical College to bring EmpowerUp - Adult Workforce Development offerings right to our community! 📚🛠️ The EmpowerUp partnership is a unique opportunity that offers a variety of fast, flexible, and locally-relevant training programs at the Pickens County Career and Technology Center. Check out the exciting TCTC courses down below and visit tctc.edu/empowerup or click here (https://5il.co/2fa5b) for more info! Courses Offered soon: 📚 Workzone Flagger Training + OSHA 10-Hour Construction Standards: March 4 - 8 📚 Consultative Selling: Certified Sales Professional: March 4 - April 10 📚 Certified Logistics Technician Associate: March 4 - April 10 📚 Pre-Highway Construction Inspector/Testing Technician - Asphalt Roadway1: March 18 -2 8 📚 Certified Production Technician2: April 8 -19 📚 Commercial Truck Driver Training (CDL): April 10 Don't miss this chance to empower yourself with new skills and opportunities. For more information, contact TCTC at 865-646-1700 or conted@tctc.edu. #tctcedu #EngagingToday #EmpoweringTomorrow
8 days ago, SDPC Communications
EmpowerUp - Special opportunity for ADULTS in Pickens County
Hats off to Brayden for crushing it and earning his GED! From the get-go, he had his eye on the prize and was like a speeding bullet. We're bouncing off the walls with pride for you, and with that unstoppable attitude of yours, you're going to keep hitting those home runs!
3 months ago, Adult Learning Center
Congratulations to Ezra for earning his GED yesterday! We have no doubt that Ezra will continue to shine and achieve great things in whatever path he chooses. Ezra, we couldn't be prouder of you! Your dedication and perseverance have paid off, and this is just the beginning of your bright future.
3 months ago, Adult Learning Center
WAY TO GO Carmela for earning her GED! She truly embraced the power of dedication and gave it her all - 100 percent!! Her hard work and determination has paid off. Congratulations Carmela, we couldn't be prouder of your incredible achievement!
3 months ago, Adult Learning Center
Attention Parents/Guardians of Pickens County students! Click Here (https://bit.ly/47IbEpT) for info about an exciting new program for adults in Pickens County! You can earn certifications in the fields of Certified Nurse Aide (CNA), Commercial Truck Driver Training (CDL), Computer Numerical Control (CNC), and Electrical Wiring. Classes begin in January! For more information, visit - www.tctc.edu/EmpowerUp
3 months ago, SDPC Communications
Let's give a huge shoutout to Charles as he has officially earned his diploma! He put in the hustle and muscle to get to the finish line and now, the sky's the limit. Charles, we're beaming with pride for you!
3 months ago, Adult Learning Center
Put your hands together for Jayde, who's just earned her GED! You're a star, Jayde, and we're rooting for you as you reach for the sky and make your dreams a reality!
4 months ago, Adult Learning Center
Put your hands together and give it up for Patrick, who just crushed his GED! We're certain that whichever journey you pick, you will find success!! Congratulations!!!!
4 months ago, Adult Learning Center
Huge shoutout to Thomas for earning his GED! He hustled hard and wasted no time! You rock, Thomas!
4 months ago, Adult Learning Center
Pickens County Parents, You are invited to an information night to hear from experts regarding “Social Media and Your Child’s Mental Health” on Nov. 9 at 6:00pm at Pickens Middle School. - WHAT: Social Media and Your Child’s Mental Health - INFORMATION NIGHT - WHERE: Pickens Middle School - WHEN: Thur. 11/9 at 6:00pm - Submit this form to attend - https://bit.ly/3Sr0jFT
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Social Media and Children's Mental Health
Please join me in giving a round of applause to Amanda, the GED superstar who is determined to reach for the stars and beyond! We can’t wait to see what you do next!
4 months ago, Adult Learning Center
Congratulations to Drexx for achieving his GED! From the start, you were focused and determined. You are a true superstar, and the possibilities for your future are endless. We are beaming with pride at your accomplishment!
4 months ago, Adult Learning Center
Bryson, another student turned graduate, is crushing it! Congrats on earning your GED and diving headfirst into success! We are proud of you!!!
4 months ago, Adult Learning Center
Hooray to Kaitlin for crushing her GED! She signed up and dove straight into it like a boss. We are proud of you and can’t wait to see what is next!!
4 months ago, Adult Learning Center
Way to go Lameka, Dorothy, and Madison!!!
5 months ago, Adult Learning Center
We are closing up our week with ONE MORE GRADUATE! Shantal enrolled and got straight to business. She obtained her GED last night!! We are so proud of her determination and know she will continue to do great things in her future. Congratulations Shantal! #scadulted #GED
5 months ago, Adult Learning Center
Congratulations to Takoda for earning his high school diploma!! We are proud of you and the hard work you put in for this achievement.
5 months ago, Adult Learning Center
Congratulations to Eli for earning his GED today. He enrolled and completed this program in record timing! The sky is the limit for his education journey! We are proud of you, Eli!
5 months ago, Adult Learning Center
Congratulations Jackson for earning your GED today! Your dedication and drive made it possible for you to obtain this as quickly as you did. We are so proud of you and can't wait to see what else you accomplish.
5 months ago, Adult Learning Center
On September 20, 2023 Rishawn kicked off our year with being our first GED grad!!!! We are proud of you and we will keep cheering you on while you continue to achieve your future goals!! WAY TO GO!!!!!!
5 months ago, Adult Learning Center